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Nexans presents special solutions at electronica 2008, 11 to 14 November, Munich International New Trade Fair Centre, Hall C3, Stand 434

Mönchengladbach, 11 November 2008 – At electronica 2008, the cable manufacturer Nexans FRANCE is presenting a selection from its range of data transmission solutions from the Filotex® division. Due to the optimised design for various environmental influences, cables are suitable for a variety of application areas. Therefore, they are not only relevant for the electrical and electronics industry, but also for use in the automotive, railway, shipping and aviation areas, as well as for sensors. The connection of sensors in these segments requires resistant solutions to gain reliable data for analytical electronics about pressure, vibrations, distance and temperature for example. A special feature among these solutions are combination and hybrid cables as well as new cabling for greater safety in the event of fire.

Combination cables transport data and energy; hybrid cables bring together copper cores and fibre optic cables

Hybrid or combination cables contain different cable types in a single sheath. For Nexans Filotex® products, the term combination cables refers to products in which coaxial signal cables and/or multi-pair data cables are combined with multi-core output cables to create one product. Hybrid cables bring together copper cores and fibre optic cables in one sheath. To all intents and purposes, both are 2-in-1 solutions (sometimes even 3-in-1) where only one cable is needed for power supply and data exchange. This saves space, speeds up installations and simplifies ordering and spares management. Hybrid and combination cables are suitable for various applications, for example, transmitting video signals (e.g. CCTV), data bus applications (profibus, Ethernet, can bus etc.). Of course these cables are available in combination with output cables. As they are already compact thanks to being combined, hybrid and combination cables also benefit from Nexans’ experience of manufacturing thinwalled and miniaturised data transmission cables.


Halogen-free cables for greater safety in the event of fire


Aside from the characteristics that cables must possess for their daily activities, their behaviour in the event of fire is becoming increasingly important because during a fire conventional PVC-insulated cables emit a lot of smoke within a short period of time, as well as poisonous hydrogen chloride. This puts man and material at risk. Therefore, Nexans has developed a new generation of halogen-free cables. During a fire, these emit less smoke and have a much lower toxicity level. This is particularly important in means of transport, such as cars, trains, buses, aeroplanes etc. The use of halogenfree cables ensures that passengers are better protected against poisonous gases and escape routes remain more clearly visible in the event of a fire.

The new generation of halogen-free Nexans Filotex® cables fulfil European norms regarding resistance to flame (IEC60332-1), smoke density (IEC61034-2), toxicity and corrosiveness of fumes (IEC60754-1 and  EC60754-2); the product range contains unscreened single-wire cables (type KY-EPDX ZH), unscreened or screened multi-wire cables (SMA-ZH; G250-ZH) and multi-pair cables for data transmission type RS432 (G250- H), as well as cables for operational voltage from 250 volts to 500 volts and operating temperatures from -40 °C to +105 °C.

Nexans at electronica 2008: until 14 November, Nexans specialists will present products from its wide range of solutions at the electronics trade fair in Munich. Nexans is exhibiting in Hall C3 on Stand 434.

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