Special cabling for sensors and automation in industry and transportation

Nexans presents cable solutions for automation technology at electronica 2008, 11 to 14 November, Munich International New Trade Fair Centre,
hall C3, Stand 434

Nuremberg, 11 November 2008 – Nexans Deutschland’s Nuremburg site designs cables and cabling especially for use in industrial automation and in vehicles. Here, for example, torsionable cables are developed which are resistant to bend and turning movements and are predestined to be used in robotic arms. To test the characteristics of the sheath as well as insulation and electrical characteristic before launch on the market, the Nuremburg plant uses the Nexans Research Center. There, solutions are tested in conditions reflecting real practice: drag chains, robotic arms and various test benches simulate the bending, stretching or friction stress while measuring electrical parameters. This supplies information about the wear and tear characteristics of the cables and additionally helps to gather information for individual customer service.

The sensors on hot machines or in vehicles also require specific solutions. The use of conventional insulating materials is often impossible here as they would melt at operating temperatures or, for example, become brittle. Therefore, Nexans designed cabling with which the motor and gear box sensors are connected in a car, for instance. They are made of temperature-resistant materials that are heat proof to 125°C, 150°C or even 200°C, and at the same time resistant to oil and fats and environmental influences.

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