Nexans PUR-Medoxprotect-S sheath makes cables more secure against fire risks – first use in sensor cabling

New cable sheath material presented at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2008 trade fair
25 November to 27 November, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Hall 5, Stand 5-324

Nuremberg, 25 November 2008 –  Nexans is presenting a new cable sheathing material, PUR-Medoxprotect-S, that is not only less likely to catch fire than existing compounds, but is also self-extinguishing. Furthermore, thanks to the absence of halogens, a lower density of smoke is developed. This improved fire behaviour enables the new material to pass the cable flame test, and it will soon be used for the first time in sensor cabling.

Safety in the event of fire is a key property of a cable, in addition to its electrical characteristics and protection against mechanical and chemical influences. While the effect of fire on conventional sheath materials is to cause the quick release of high amounts of energy and smoke, PUR-Medoxprotect-S burns more slowly: if it catches fire, it produces a relatively low amount of smoke and heat in the first three minutes. As a result, escape routes remain more clearly visible during this important period. Other properties of the sheath include its insulating effect, gliding quality, bending elasticity and its resistance to fats, oils and water. These properties are similar to those of the current materials, making it possible to switch to the safer compound without detriment to everyday operations.

PUR-Medoxprotect-S was developed in NRC (Nexans Research Center) in Nuremberg. Nexans’ Nuremberg plant which specialises in cabling for use in industrial automation, rail transport and cars. The material blend was researched, manufactured and tested in Nexans’ in-house research centre in Nuremberg. A programme of material tests has provided detailed information about its resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures and severe long-term mechanical stresses, such as with drag chains. On successful completion of these materials tests as well as fire tests, the sheath mixture is now entering series production. 

Graph: smoke release rate

While normal sheath materials quickly release high levels of energy and smoke in the event of a fire (values shown in blue in the graph), PURMedoxprotect-S from Nexans burns slowly. As a result, considerably less heat and smoke develops in the first few minutes. The new sheath material is to be used for the first time in sensor cabling.

A short video which provides more information on PUR-Medoxprotect-S is available on-line at

Nexans at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2008: Nexans specialists are presenting cables and cabling for control, automation and sensor systems at the Exhibition for Electric Automation - Systems & Components in Nuremberg until 27 November. Nexans will be on Stand 5- 24 in Hall 5.

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