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Emergency and maintenance and repair servicefor flexible cabling systems and reeling cables

Hanover, April 20, 2009 – The cable and cabling systems manufacturer, Nexans Deutschland, is providing its customers all over the world with the “Nexans 24-hour emergency and maintenance and repair service”. Via the hotline number +49 2166 272176 (in China +86 21 50462990), experienced personnel are on hand at all times of day and night – even at weekends – to provide suitable repair measures in the case of a cable defect. The team of technicians repair any damage which may arise, from outer sheaths to wire insulation. A complete splicing of two cable ends as well as the repairs are carried out at the same diameter. Therefore, the fundamental mechanical and electrical attributes of the flexible and reeling cables remain unchanged by the repairs. The splicing of damaged and integrated fibre optic cables is also part of the maintenance and repair work. The outer diameter of the cable is also preserved here.

In mining, the energy business, industry and logistics and other sectors, damage of cables often results in costly breakdowns in production. When a container crane breaks down, for example, there is a revenue reduction of around USD 100,000 per day. Therefore, the aim is to maintain and repair the cable as quickly as possible, irrespective of whether hoisting device cables, cables for surface mining, control and energy cables in drag chains or fibre optic cables for data highways are involved.
Thanks to the 24-hour emergency and maintenance and repair service, Nexans customers in China, Peru, Chile or Macedonia, for example, already avoid longer interruptions and breakdowns, as the service organised from Germany, as well as offering a 24-hour telephone service, also ensures fast on-site repairs.

on-site-repair in open terrain
optical fibre-splicing
The technicians maintain and repair damaged cables on-site quickly – even in open terrain. Defect fibre optic cables are also spliced by the service technicians, and their functions reset.

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