A Nexans Service to ensure a long-term availability of Transmission Networks

New service concept covering the entire lifecycle of high-voltage cable systems

Hanover, October 6th, 2009 – Nexans Deutschland GmbH is now offering its customers a modular and customised service agreement for XLPE- and paper-insulated high-voltage cable systems. The services encompass the entire lifecycle of cable systems – from planning, installation, operation and maintenance through to proper disposal – and are available as single modules or as a package. This service offers instant benefits. Our comprehensive consulting services will help harmonise investment, operational and maintenance costs, thereby ensuring low lifecycle costs with a high level of system availability. We also offer a “rapid response” service whereby service customers who experience any faults during normal working hours can ring a special, free hotline to our on-call staff. In this way, for example, and without being diverted via a call centre, network operators can contact experts in high-voltage systems who will offer troubleshooting on the telephone and dispatch experienced personnel with special tools to exactly where they are needed. For a small fee, the service hotline is also available on a 24/7 basis.

Value-added initiatives ensure network availability

This Nexans Service offers multiple benefits for transmission network operators who, thanks to the assistance provided, can respond rapidly to faults and obtain spare parts as and when they are needed. This is particularly important if internal maintenance capacity is already engaged in routine work, which is not uncommon given the cost pressure typical in this industry. “If a cable is damaged externally, our troubleshooting service helps solve the problem rapidly, ensuring that the cable system can be quickly restored to normal service”, says Volker Gauler. The head of network services for Nexans Deutschland points out another benefit: “The work that needs to be carried out on paper-insulated high-voltage cable systems requires special experience and knowledge on the part of the installation personnel. Unfortunately, younger personnel in the customer’s network service team are often not sufficiently familiar with this cable generation. This is where you can benefit from the know-how of our experienced specialist installation personnel.”

To ensure the availability of spare parts, Nexans offers a customised warehouse service, whereby essential cable system components are stored on the customer’s site, while other parts are available from Nexans on request. This means that Nexans can store rarely needed fittings or cables for a number of service customers at once, which cuts provision costs for all concerned.

Service customers also benefit from a range of engineering and planning services, which means that everything from feasibility studies, budgeting, consulting, modification, test and training services right through to complex load flow simulations are all available as part of the service agreement.

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