Silicon-free INFIT™ safety cables offer functional integrity in fires, even without mica tape

Nexans showcases its new range of ALSECURE Premium INFIT™ cables at the Light + Building trade fair (Frankfurt am Main, 11-16 April 2010, Hall 8.0, stand A14)

Nuremberg, 12 April 2010 – Nexans Deutschland GmbH has launched its new range of cables – ALSECURE Premium INFIT™ – offering a high degree of functional integrity. Unlike conventional cables, these cables can continue to transmit power or data even in the event of a fire, long after the plastic sheath and insulation have burnt away. This means that, for example, smoke and heat exhaust ventilators, fans or pumps still function reliably even in areas affected by fire, and the building can be safely evacuated.

INFIT™ E30/E90 cables with functional integrity contain mica tape as standard, although the process of laying and installing these cables is long and complex. In response, Nexans has developed the silicone-free insulation INFIT™, which does away with the need for mica tape without making the cables any less fire resistant. The lack of mica tape makes the cables much easier to strip which, in turn, greatly enhances user-friendliness for installer. INFIT™ also makes it easier to lay cables as they are now much more flexible. While other solutions that do not use mica tape are less robust, INFIT™cables can withstand similar levels of mechanical stressing as cables with mica tape and XLPE insulation. As a result, fitters will find the Nexans ALSECURE Premium INFIT™cables even easier to lay than conventional cables.

Work on developing the new insulation has recently been completed. The fire testing and licensing phase is currently ongoing. The new INFIT™ cables are expected to be available from autumn 2010.

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