Nexans presents its new tools for cable preparation

Peeling tool, sheath and cable insulation cutter, chamfering tool and cable stripper for medium-voltage cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²

Hof, March 23, 2011 – Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH, Hof, Germany, has added four sophisticated tools to its product range, which will allow you to quickly and precisely carry out any required work on medium-voltage cables with cross-sections over 500 mm²:

Round skiving tool with adjustable stop

The round skiving tool serves for the secure and controlled removal of (permanently) welded-on external conducting layers on cables with diameters (including insulation) of between 15 and 60 mm. The preset cutting depth is designed for external conducting layers acc. to VDE 0276 part 620. A skiving depth of up to 1.2 mm can be achieved through the removal of the setscrew sealing. An adjustable stop, which is part of the scope of delivery, allows you to select a conducting layer length between 25 and 100 mm.

Sheath and insulation cutter

The Nexans sheath and insulation cutter allows you to easily strip off outer sheaths and composite-layer sheath cables including their insulation. This tool is suitable for single-conductor cables with external diameters between 20 and 70 mm. The user can set the blade feed from a round cut to a lower or large feed using detents. The enclosed plastic prism also allows for the precise stripping of conductor insulation for the installation of cable lugs or connectors.

Radii cutter

The radii cutter is a great aid when it comes to the installation of multi-range slide-on fittings. It serves for chamfering insulation, whose diameter ranges between 15 and 60 mm. The edgeless chamfering ensures that more antiseize compound remains on the cable insulation, this results in a significant reduction in the force required for sliding on the fitting.

Cable stripper

The cable stripper serves for removing the conductor insulation from medium-voltage cables with plastic insulation whose diameters, including the conductor insulation, range between 15 and 60 mm. The blades, which can be easily changed, allow for cutting depths that are suitable for 10 kV, 20 kV and 30 kV cables and thus prevent damage to the conductor during round cutting.

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