4th KiWiZ Research Prize awarded to team from Tiefenriede Primary School in Hanover

Nexans Deutschland in Hanover hosted the competition for the Hanover region’s youngest researchers

Hanover, 28 July 2014 – “Cables everywhere” was the motto for this year’s research prize organised by the organisation Kind-Wissen-Zukunft (KiWiZ - Kind-Wissen-Zukunft (Child, Knowledge, Future). It was conceived by Nexans Deutschland, the host for this year’s competition. The best projects carried out by 16 primary schools from the Hanover region were exhibited and rewarded at the competition on the 25 July, held at the Nexans Deutschland GmbH site at 20 Kabelkamp in Hanover.

“We hope that the tasks gave school pupils an insight into where and how cables are used in different areas of life,” explained Christof Barklage, CEO of the cable manufacturer Nexans Deutschland, at the award ceremony. Horst Schinke, HR director for Nexans, added: “It is important to encourage children to become interested in technology at an early age in order to develop the skilled workers of the future.”
First prize was awarded to the five-member team from the Tiefenriede Primary School from Hanover. Young researchers Paula, Maxim, Benno, Lilly and Hajime chose the theme “The fantastic five” and went home with EUR 500. Second prize (EUR 300) went to the Beuthener Straße Primary School in Hanover Mittelfeld. These children worked on the theme of “Mad machines”. Third place (EUR 200) was taken by Garbsen Mitte Primary School with a project about the “Underwater world”. In addition, the winning teams will enjoy an experience day in the TechLab at Leibniz University in Hanover.
The Hanover-based charity Kind-Wissen-Zukunft (KiWiZ - Kind-Wissen-Zukunft (Child, Knowledge, Future) aims to promote technical education among children. For the last four years, KiWiZ member companies have supported a range of educational establishments in the Hanover region. Since 2011, the KiWiZ Research Prize has been awarded as an additional incentive, which recognises primary school projects created by teams of pupils using KiTec construction kits. The construction kit develops the children's technical skills and creates a standardised starting point for the competition.

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