“Off we go again!” Nexans hosts regional “Jugend forscht – Schüler experimentieren” regional science competition for the 24th time

Around 80 participants will present their research projects in Hanover on 5 and 6 February – “Jugend forscht” is celebrating its 50th birthday

Hannover, 27 January 2015 – Nexans is a sponsor of “Jugend forscht” and this year, for the 24th time, it will host the regional “Jugend forscht – Schüler experimentieren” science competition for young people in Hanover. The motto of the competition is “Off we go again”, which has inspired a range of vastly differing research projects in Hanover and the surrounding area. Around 80 young researchers from Hanover and the surrounding area have prepared almost 40 science projects, which will be presented to jury members and the public at Nexans’ administrative centre at Kabelkamp 20, Hanover on 5 and 6 February. The jury, which consists of educators, experts from the world of business and specialists from Nexans, will decide on the best projects on the basis of the documentation submitted and the project presentations given during the exhibition. The winners of the regional competition will be named on the afternoon of the second day and will present their project at the Lower Saxony regional competitions “Schüler experimentieren” and “Jugend forscht”. This year's Hanover regional competition is being supported for the first time by the Economic and Employment Promotion for the Hanover region.

Biology is currently the number one category in the Hanover regional competition, followed by technology and chemistry. Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V. also awards prizes for “workplace studies”, “geological and spatial sciences”, “mathematics and computer sciences” and “physics”.

Jugend forscht 2015 - 50 Jahre

The “Jugend forscht – Schüler experimentieren” competition is divided into two age groups: young scientists under 15 years of age showcase their projects in the junior “Schüler experimentieren“ competition, while participants in the “Jugend forscht“ competition are aged between 15 and 21. In mid-March, the winners of the Hanover “Jugend forscht“ regional competition will meet the winners of the other six Lower Saxony regional competitions in Clausthal-Zellerfeld for the Lower Saxony state competition. Right after this, the best entrants in “Schüler experimentieren“ will then meet their competitors from Lower Saxony in Oldenburg. The winners of the “Jugend forscht“ state finals will then proceed to the 50th national competition, which will take place in Ludwigshafen from 26 to 30 May.


The basic idea behind the competition is to integrate the work of schools and industry and to discover the researchers of tomorrow. “The ‘Jugend forscht’ and ‘Schüler experimentieren’ competitions are an important element outside of the education pupils receive in school. As a research-led company, we are very happy to see the dedication of teachers and pupils alike,“ said mentor Jutta van Bühl, PR officer at Nexans. “We are delighted to once again act as host, especially in this anniversary year.”

Jugend forscht 2015
Anyone who is interested can view the projects and ideas that have been submitted to the regional competition on 5 February from 10:00 to 17:00 and on 6 February from 9:00 to 12:00 in the public exhibition at the Nexans site at Kabelkamp 20 in Hanover 30179.

Further information on the competition can be found at www.jugend-forscht.de.

The “Jugend forscht” competition organised by the Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V. is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. The categories “technology”, “chemistry”, “workplace studies”, “geological and spatial sciences”, “mathematics and computer sciences” and “physics” remain highly popular with pupils. (Pictures: Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V.)

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