RWE and Nexans form exclusive joint agreement

to promote the superconductor system concept to supply more energy to densely populated urban areas

Paris, March 12, 2015 - Nexans, RWE Deutschland AG and RWE Netzservice GmbH signed an agreement to work together exclusively to market and sell the superconductor system concept in Germany and other countries.

SuperconductorThe offered system is a cost-effective and innovative solution to meet the rising demand for electricity in densely populated urban centres areas using superconducting power equipment.  Supplying electricity with the superconductor cable system means that large high-voltage substations can be taken out of the city centre and be replaced with compact medium-voltage systems. This frees up space close to the city centre from high-voltage lines and large substations, so that they can be used for other purposes as part of urban development.

Compared with conventional solutions, the superconductor cable also requires much less installation space. This means that large-scale and extremely expensive civil works in the city centre are not required. If more widespread use is made of this innovative concept, the total number of substations can also be reduced. The superconductor cable can carry the same current as five conventional cables operating at the same voltage installed in parallel, and does so almost lossfree.

The superconductor technology required for this purpose has been developed and  ndustrialised by Nexans over the last 15 years. It has already been successfully tested in different projects and is now in commercial use. Background of this joint agreement between Nexans and RWE is the common project  AmpaCity”, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The stated aim of RWE and Nexans is to utilise the technological knowledge learned from ongoing research and development projects and to advance the experience gathered in the context of customer projects in order to thereby optimise the superconductor system as a whole.

“We have shown that the superconductor system concept is an innovative technology that has proven its practicality and suitability for daily use. From an economic perspective too, the superconductor can also represent a genuine alternative to conventional grid expansion. RWE and Nexans combine the necessary areas of expertise and experience to offer customers a suitable solution  portfolio. These customers may require anything from a customised feasibility study right up to an entire superconductor system,” says Klaus Engelbertz, Managing Director of RWE Netzservice GmbH.

“The rising demand for energy in urban areas, combined with the fact that space is an expensive asset in these locations, forces the move to powerful, space-saving electricity transportation. By working together with RWE, we are continuing our long-standing good partnership in different areas, and act as an ideal complement to each other,” says Frank Schmidt, head of the Nexans Superconductor Activity.

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