Connection elements: robust and easy to install

Nexans at the Hanover Trade Fair 2015, 13 to 17 April, hall 13, booth C45 Robust and easy-to-use installation accessories

GPH M800-1200 bolted connector

T-connector R909TB/G (Interface F)

Coupling connector R909PB/G

The surge arrester for R909TB/G T-connector is 900SA-CD

Silicone-Slip-On termination AFN72

Mechanical cable lug of GPH D-Series

Hanover, 13 April 2015 – Not only does Nexans have expertise in cables of all types, it is also a specialist in connection technology and power cable fittings. At the Hanover Trade Fair, Nexans will present its new range of 66 kV fittings, large mechanical connectors for medium-voltage applications, a new low-voltage mechanical cable lug and fittings for smart grids.

The new GPH M800-1200
With the GPH M800-1200 bolted connector, Nexans is expanding its successful range of connectors and mechanical cable lugs to include a component ideally suited for connecting onshore and offshore wind farms to medium-voltage grids. The GPH M800-1200 bolted connector was designed as a durable connection between copper and aluminium conductors in the cross-section range from 800 to 1,200 mm² and can be installed quickly and securely using commercially available hexagon head and socket tools. Its patented GPH shear-off bolts holds the conductor in the connector with optimum contact force at all times. Like all bolted technology products from Nexans Power Accessories Germany, this connector is also inspected in accordance with IEC standard 61238-1, Class A.

New fittings for wind energy applications
The R909TB/G tee connector (connection type F) is a separable cable connection for connecting plastic-insulated high-voltage cables to transformers or switching stations. It is encased in a thick-walled conductive layer made from EPDM. A sheath fault test can be performed on the cable while the fitting is attached.
The R909PB/G coupling connector is a separable cable connection designed for multiple plug requirements and is used together with the R909TB/G tee connector. The multiple plug arrangement can be expanded by any number of coupling connectors. Here, too, the sheath fault test can be performed on the cable while the fitting is attached.
The right overvoltage arrester for the R909TB/G tee connector is 900SA-CD and was developed for grids of up to 72.5 kV, just like the two connector types. It protects high-voltage components such as power and load switching stations or transformers as well as cable networks from damage caused by overvoltages induced by lightning or switching voltage surges.

Covering the entire cross-section range, the AFN72 silicone slide-on terminal for outdoor and indoor applications connects plastic-insulated high-voltage cables to overhead lines or bus bars. Thanks to its compact, modular design, it compensates for various environmental influences in indoor and outdoor applications.

New D-Series mechanical cable lug
For low-voltage applications, Nexans has kitted out its GPH D-Series with new GPH connection technology offering all of the key design features of the D-Series connectors: the fully tin galvanised bolted cable lugs of the D-Series allow copper and aluminium conductors of all types and with cross-sections from 1.5 mm² to 240 mm² to be connected. The patented GPH bolted technology compensates for conductor tolerances while ensuring optimum contact force at all times. A special conductor channel enables the sector conductors (se and sm), generally of at least 35 mm² in size, to be contacted without prior mechanical conductor reforming. The basic design of the D-Series is inspected in accordance with medium-voltage standard IEC 61236-1, Class A, and offers maximum connection quality and service life for the user.



Nexans at the Hanover fair 2015
Hanover, Germany
13-17 April 2015
Hall 13, booth C45


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