Nexans rolls its EASYCALC™ cable sizing tool out to professional electricians and electrical engineering consultants in Belgium

Building on its successful launch in France in 2014, Nexans has launched a extended version of EASYCALC™ tailored to meet the specific needs of the Belgian market

Paris, July 20, 2015Professional electricians, electrical engineering consultants and cable customers in Belgium are now able to take advantage of the easy cable sizing offered by Nexans’s EASYCALCTM sizing tool. This follows the successful launch of the online tool in France in 2014. The new version has been developed to suit the specific local needs of cable projects in Belgium relating to national installation standards and facilitates the usage of cables complying with local standards. Moreover, the tool also takes into account the specific sizing challenges associated with fire resistant cables.

Determining the correct cross section for fire safety cables is a particular challenge since the regulation doesn’t provide a specific formula, but simply advises that the designer should consider the higher resistance due to fire and therefore the corresponding voltage drop. This can mean that using the standard formula to calculate the voltage drop will often result in the specification of an inadequate cable size. Practice shows that installers and engineers find it difficult to determine the right size in such a situation.

To calculate the cable sizing of fire resistant cables, the Belgian version of EASYCALCTM draws on the Wiedemann-Franz method – generally perceived as ‘good practice’ by the Belgian cable industry.

The Belgian version is consistent with its French counterpart and just as versatile as it is accessible from the Nexans website ( and also comes as a tablet and smart phone application – which is a major help for customers that are constantly on the move. The mobile app can be downloaded on AppStore and Google Play (the new version allows users to switch between French and Belgian-specific sizing).

Nexans EASYCALCTM was officially launched in May and has already generated very positive feedback.

Koen Van Gucht, Commercial Director at Nexans Benelux said: “This highlights Nexans commitment to making our customers’ lives easier by providing smart and added-value tools and services that are time-saving, easy-to-use, accessible and free”.

EASYCALCTM will shortly be deployed to other countries, extended with another set of additional country-specific options and rules.

Nexans rolls its EASYCALC™ cable sizing tool out to professional electricians and electrical engineering consultants in Belgium

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