Reliable power accessories and connection technology for short installation times

Reliable power accessories and connection technology for short installation times

Hanover, September 27, 2016 -

EUROMOLD® power accessories up to 72.5 kV

The new 72.5 kV accessories complement the high-voltage connecting cables from Nexans. To transmit the increasing power between the individual wind turbines and the collection platforms efficiently, Nexans has developed an internal wind farm cabling system that is operated with 72.5 kV instead of the traditional voltage of 36 kV.
The F-type outer cone standard for power cable accessories and equipment bushings is a novelty in this voltage range. The standardised interface allows several combinations of cable arrangements such as single connection, double connector arrangement with coupling connector or double connector arrangement with surge arrester.

EUROMOLD® accessories from Nexans for voltages of up to 72.5 kV are type tested in accordance with IEC 60840 and individually tested ex works. They meet all the standards relating to outdoor use in offshore wind turbines. All connector kits, terminations and joints from Nexans include contact elements and conductor connectors type tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 that use patented GPH® mechanical connection technology.

New GPH® mechanical connector for flexible aluminium conductors

the highest connection quality and maximum service life of the connection. Nexans is expanding its successful range of products to include a new mechanical connector for the connection of class 5 aluminium conductors. The contact element completes the new cable generation from Nexans, which is used as a loop cable in wind turbines, can replace flexible class 5 copper conductors, and is subject to high material requirements with regard to torsion, bending, vibration, temperature fluctuations and the salt content of the air.

The mechanical connector was designed as a durable connection of class 5 aluminium conductors for cross sections of 240, 300 and 400 mm². Given that the conductor material used is very sensitive, this type of connector is available only as a system, pre-mounted on the cable, and in conjunction with a corresponding training programme. Like all  mechanical connectors from Nexans Power Accessories, this connector is also type tested in accordance with medium-voltage standard IEC 61238-1, Class A.

Nexans as a full-range supplier for wind farm cabling

Nexans Power Accessories is one of the leading suppliers of low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage accessories, as well as connection technology for power cables. As a full-range supplier, Nexans covers the complete range of connection technology for wind energy applications. Pre-assembled cable lengths that are ready to install, ready for use and have undergone electrical testing reduce the installation time for tower cabling. The Nexans WINDLINK® CONNECTION SYSTEM provides easy-to-assemble, safe and customer-specific possibilities for the durable connection of low-voltage systems. Offshore junction cabinets and frames are ideal transition points and at the same time an optimum interface between tower cabling and transformer stations in the wind farm network. Thanks to its extensive range of additional equipment and varied installation training programmes, Nexans is a strong partner when it comes to the transmission and distribution of wind power.

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