For construction and Renivation: MILLIMAT heating cable mat kepps your feet warm

Easy-to-install electric heating from Nexans for use indoors and on verandas

Hanover, 24 April 2017 – The MILLIMAT electric heating cable mat from the Nexans N-HEAT COLLECTION is a thin electric floor heating system, which – particularly during renovations – can be put down in all types of rooms, and even in moisture-prone rooms, for example bathrooms. MILLIMAT can be cut and adjusted to the shape of the room. The heating mat can be installed directly in tile adhesive or embedded in concrete or screed under tiles and tile adhesive. Installation requires the screed to be between 10 mm and 15 mm thick. The durable heating cable mats do not need to be maintained and the temperature can be regulated easily. In most cases, the heating is near to the surface of the floor structure, keeping energy consumption low. In addition, thermostats with energy-saving functions, such as lowering temperature at night, reduce the demand for energy.

MillimatThe heating mat is 4.5 mm thick and 50 cm wide. It comprises a twin-conductor heating cable attached to a thin self-adhesive fibreglass net. The outer diameter of the heating cable is 4 mm. The hidden, thin splice point simplifies the process of installing the heating system, because the subfloor does not need to be altered. The heating cable comes with a 2.5 m-long cold lead.

The 100 W/m² heat output is recommended for use in living rooms, children’s rooms, hallways and kitchens.  It is proven to be suitable for almost all floors, including under wooden floor coverings, in conjunction with a thermostat with a temperature restriction function. The 150 W/m² mat is the right choice for areas that require particularly high output, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and verandas. It must be used on a non-combustible and, if applicable, waterproof subfloor.

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The MILLIMAT electric heating cable mat is ideal for renovations in all types of rooms.


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