Better fire safety on trains with cables from FLAMEX® SI-FR range

FLAMEX® SI-FR guarantees emergency functions even in critical fire situations

Hanover, 24 April 2017 – With the FLAMEX® SI-FR range, Nexans offers fire-resistant cables for supply, switching and control systems in trains that increase passenger safety. In the event of fire, the cables stop the flames from spreading and smoke from developing. In emergency situations, they ensure the integrity of the electric circuits and make it possible for passengers to leave the train at a safe location after fire has broken out. In doing so, the cables allow valuable time that is particularly important if a fire breaks out in a tunnel.

Cables from the FLAMEX® SI-FR range are designed for the challenging conditions found in rail travel (temperature fluctuations, snow, rain, UV exposure, intense vibrations etc.). They can cope with tempera-tures up to 170°C and a maximum voltage of between 3 kV and 6 kV and are therefore particularly well-suited to weight-optimized use in environments with high temperatures. The supply, switching, control and communication cables in the FLAMEX® range comply with the requirements of EN 45545-2 for products of the highest hazard level, as well as the regulations of the EN 50200 and IEC 60331 standards with regard to fire resistance. Furthermore, they fulfil the regulations of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substanc-es) Directive.

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