Nexans presented innovations at the “Werkstatt Kabel” conference

Hanover, 7 December 2018 – At the “Werkstatt Kabel 2018, Kabel- und Kabelmesstechnik” (Cable Workshop – Cables and Cable Measuring Technology) specialist conference on 27 and 28 November in Hanover, representatives from renowned manufacturers and specialists from all across Germany came together. The event, which takes place every two years, has established itself as the leading specialist conference for cable technology. Nexans was present both on the presentation stages and at the accompanying exhibition.


Volker Gauler - Keynote

In his keynote speech, Marketing Manager Volker Gauler spoke to an audience of around 350 people about the new challenges for the cable industry. Starting with market trends, the transition to renewable energies and the resulting scenario for the transmission grid in 2030, he presented the challenges for new DC insulating systems, future cable designs and smart accessories as well as for production and logistics.

Additionally, Gauler emphasised that all cable manufacturers must currently invest quite a bit in development and qualification and are facing intense competition. As a result, delays in large projects can have  effects on the cable industry.

One thing that particularly caught the attention of the audience was that our 525 kV DC cable system passed the pre-qualification test in Sweden. Grid operators and industry experts congratulated Gauler and his colleagues for this after the keynote speech.

Volker Gauler at Fachtagung „Werkstatt Kabel“

Dr. Ing. Dietmar Meurer

Dr Dietmar Meurer (Head of Engineering and Quality) held another two of the 36 conference presentations that followed. In his first presentation, he presented the benefits of longitudinally welded aluminium sheaths (SAS) and spoke about the new SAS line in Hanover and its qualifications.

One highlight of the event was also Dr Meurer’s closing presentation on 50 years of XLPE-insulated medium-voltage cables. He stated that the ageing of the insulating systems in second-generation cables observed in the grid suggests a longer service life than the generally accepted 40 to 50 years. But an exact prediction is still not possible.

A number of exhibits could be inspected at the Nexans booth. Nexans Power Accessories Germany, a specialist for connection technology and power accessories, presented the smart adapter connector EUROMOLD® KAA4. It is equipped with a voltage sensor for measuring the operating voltage in medium-voltage grids and can be installed on transformers in transformer stations. This connector provides a general solution for measuring the operating voltage in distribution stations – irrespective of the switchgear type (GIS, AIS), EPDM connector type or switch position. The intelligent connector makes a large contribution towards the smart distribution networks of the future because these distribution networks must have sensors, meters and a communication network to overcome bidirectional electricity flows from photovoltaics and storage systems.

Moreover, Nexans Power Accessories showed new space-saving connectors and mechanical connection technology for energy cable accessories.

The Subsea & Land Systems business group proved its innovative strength for future transmission and distribution networks and presented the following in the subject-related exhibition:

  • The newly developed 525 kV DC cable for transmission power up to 2 GW
  • The 320 kV DC cable for the 900 MW wind farm connection project DolWin6 by TenneT
  • A 380 kV AC cable with an enamelled wire conductor for partial underground cabling, which is in trial operation at Amprion
  • An extremely compact, water-tight 150 kV cable with an aluminium solid conductor with a cross section of 2,000 mm²
  • The newly qualified 66 kV offshore cable for the new wind turbines with output from 7 MW
  • A prototype with a fibre-optic cable under a longitudinally welded aluminium sheath for future distribution networks
Hanno Schmitz, Vertriebsleiter Garnituren Zentraleuropa, erklärt den Sensor-Adapter für Transformatorenanschlüsse für smarte Verteilnetze der Zukunft. (Bildquelle: Stefan J. Römer Fotografie)


Volker Gauler und Johannes Rothfeld, Business Development Manager, präsentieren das neue 525-kV-DC-Kabel (Kabelabschnitt auf dem Tisch); im Hintergrund Matthias Tuscher und Werner Micheln im Kundengespräch über Nexans‘ platzsparende Steckertechnik. (Bildquelle: Stefan J. Römer Fotografie)

A very successful and useful event with new contacts and exciting projects from the sector and an impressive presentation by Nexans” according to the assessment of Johannes Rothfeld, Business Development Manager for German transmission grid operators.


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