New: RETHALON cables from Nexans Deutschland prowiding personal fire propagation protection in escape routes

Hannover, April 15, 2004 - With the RETHALON cable, Nexans in Germany has developed a new cable type that not only meets the fire protection requirements of part 1 of the DIN 4102 standards for building materials of the DIN B1 categorie, but also those of the Federal Building Ordinance regulating personal protection measures in the case of a fire. It is certified for installations along escape routes - e.g. in corridors of public buildings such as hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, train stations, etc.

While electrical equipment in buildings is rarely the cause of a fire, cable and line installations on the surface of walls or in intermediate ceilings often propagate or spread fires. From the service lines for power and information supply to consumer terminals, large buildings are equipped with complex networks of cables and wires, which may turn into dangerous fuses in the case of a fire.

Nexans in Germany offers economical alternatives to the costly installation of standard cables and wires in fire resistant cable ducts or intermediate ceilings equipped with adequate fire-breaking insulation. Areas in buildings with escape routes can now easily and swiftly be retrofitted to meet the required safety standards.

The new RETHALON cable conforming to VDE type NHXMH+, excel by their low flammability and fire propagation as well as their low smoke development in the case of a fire. They are certified for installations on the surface of walls or in intermediate ceilings in dry, damp and wet environments. In addition, they also conform to the future requirements of the European Building Materials Directive.

The new cable type will be presented by Nexans Deutschland Industries for the first time at the Light & Building Trade Fair, held from April 18 to 22, 2004 in Frankfurt/M (Germany).

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