Definition of Cable Category at Profinet

Nuremberg, 11 June 2004 - The Profibus user organisation has drafted the open Profinet automation standards based on the Ethernet office standards. Standard category 5 components could theoretically be used there, were it not for the special ambient conditions of automation technology such as movement in draglines or robots and EMC conditions. All components in conformity with Profinet must be coordinated precisely with these requirements.

For cabling in line with the Profinet standard, all cables must comply with a cross-section in line with AWG 22, and the selection of the connector must conform with Profinet.

There are three fundamental cable categories therefore: 

  • Category A: fixed installation with solid wire
  • Category B: flexible deployment, occasional movement as well as vibration
  • Category C: genuine mechanical use, such as dragline operation or robotics

Nowadays, there are various different plugs available in the area of networks in the field of automation, such as the RJ 45 standard plug, the RJ 45 Y-Con, the RJ 45 industrial plug and the M12 4-pin plug, but not all plugs conform with Profinet and not every cable fits into every plug! Nexans can offer a suitable cable for every application.


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