Nexans achieves a European First for its CAT.6/CLASS E Cabling Solution

Paris, February 22, 2001 -  Nexans has achieved a European first by being the only manufacturer in Europe to have its Cat.6/Class E cabling solution certified by two world-renowned International Delta EC/3P certification laboratories.

Nexans was the first manufacturer to produce a crossed Cat. 6 cable capable of eliminating diaphonic effects, which is now in commercial use by a large number of cable producers.  Another first is the LANmark 6 connector - the first connector with real Cat.6 performance, which has also been certified by the same bodies.

This makes Nexans the only manufacturer to guarantee Cat 6/Class E performance on a ?Channel? with 4 RJ45-based connections, ranging from user equipment (PC, telephone, printer, video) to active switching equipment, PABX, video, etc., while allowing more flexible zonal distribution for users.

In addition, Nexans Class E LANmark solution requires the use of less complex active equipment, because it is less sensitive to external interference, and is therefore more economical (see note to editors).


The Cat 6/Class E solutions are adapted to all European user requirements, with non-armoured (UTP), screened (FTP) and armoured (S-FTP/STP) solutions on PVC or halogen-free cables which guarantee the durability, performance and safety of the investment while giving the user an incomparable choice of solutions.

In 2001 Nexans expects to achieve European sales, representing 20%, of the emerging Cat.6 market. This success follows on the heels of the standards committee (ISO) considering as standard Nexans? proposal concerning the future Cat.7 connector. Nexans guarantees 100% compatibility with the RJ45 connectors used at present.