Product innovation GG45-flex from Nexans

Nexans Germany extends its LANmark product familiy

Mönchengladbach, 7. Okt. 2004 - Nexans, developer and producer of the globally standardised category 7 connector (IEC 60603-7-2) with RJ45 backwards compatibility supplements the LANmark product family with a second GG45 (tm) connector:

GG45(tm) flex

The new GG45(tm) connector has modified IDC contacts for the uptake of bunched conductors. This enables the use of flexible data cables and the support of cabling schemes with consolidation points in line with the 3 connector model.

Otherwise, both GG45(tm) connectors (Nexans item no.: N420.730 for AWG23/1 and AWG 22/1 and item no. N420.731 for AWG 24/7, AWG26/7 and AWG 27/7) have the same features:

600 MHz performance, backwards compatible to RJ45 plugs (cat. 6 and cat 5), snap-in installation in LANmark(tm) panel and wall outlets. Even the price of the two is identical.

Nexans Germany reduces the price of its GG45 connector

Following the successful global market launch of the standardised category 7 connector GG45(tm), production was able to be optimised considerably, due to the high production volumes. Nexans wants to pass this cost benefit on to its customers, to further increase acceptance of the product.

The price benefit to the end customer amounts to a reduction of about 25% against the previous price.

Nexans thus emphasises the claim of the LANmark 7 GG45 system: innovative technology at a fair market price.