Nexans to supply high voltage and fibre optic cable for the Smola Wind Farm (Norway) one of Europe's largest offshore wind power projects

Paris, 20 January 2004 - Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has been awarded the order for a composite high voltage/fibre optic cable for phase two of Norway's Smøla Wind Farm project.

The project will include the delivery and installation of a composite 145 kV three-phase AC high voltage cable and a fibre optic communication and control cable. The high voltage link will transfer an estimated 150 MW of power from 68 wind turbines located on the remote island of Smøla, off the north-western coast of Norway, to the mainland.

The cable, due to be completed in Autumn 2004, will be produced in Nexans' manufacturing plants in Norway; the fibre optic cable element in Rognan and the composite sub sea high voltage cable in Halden.

This goal adds to the ambitious national plans for the development of wind power. Norway's potential for developing wind power is very good compared to other European countries, and the political goal is to reach 3 TWh by 2010.

Yvon Raak, Executive Vice-President, Europe Area of Nexans, comments: "As a leading cable manufacturer with an outstanding expertise in wind farms, Nexans is able to offer the entire range of cable requirements, from the steel reinforced submarine cables, to the special cable within the individual wind turbines. When we take part in the development of wind farms, it means that we are also helping to shape the future. When Smøla Wind Farm comes into operation in 2005, it will have an annual output that will meet the power demands of approximately 90,000 households. A project involving a renewable source of energy that does not give rise to any emissions to the soil, air or water shows how our company can contribute to a better environment."

About Smøla Wind Farm

When completed, Smøla Wind Farm will become one of Europe's largest wind farms. Each of the 68 wind turbines measures 70 m in height with a blade diameter of 80 m.

In September 2002, HM King Harald of Norway opened phase one of the country's first wind energy project in the Norwegian county of Møre and Romsdal.