First backwards-compatible Cat 7 Interface

Hannover March 13, 2002  - At this year's Cebit exhibition in Hanover, Nexans introduces the Cat.7 Connector GG45 and announces full availability for June 2002. GG45 will be the first and unique commercially available product according to the new standard IEC 60603-7-7. GG45 fully addresses the requirements of backwards-compatibility detailed in the international standard ISO/IEC 11801 for Class F cabling systems which will enable end users to migrate from Class E to Class F in a cost effective way.

Nexans will promote GG45 as part of their copper cabling system LANmark Class F. LANmark Class F is a cabling system for networks, which need sufficient room to grow in the future. GG45 is a "2 in 1" Connector which supports the traditional interface RJ45 for Cat.6 and Cat.5 as well as a new high speed interface for Cat.7 and 600 MHz transmission. The female jack of the connector contains a switch mechanism, which will be activated by a corresponding Cat.7 male plug. With this intelligence in the jack the decision about the performance level of a complete channel will be done by the patch cord: a traditional patch cord activates Cat.6 or Cat.5 performance and a new Cat.7 one activates 600 MHz and above.

Using GG45, enterprises can build up a high speed and long living cabling system in a unique, but fully standardised way. Compared to other available Class F systems the cost of infrastructure components can be reduced by as much as 50% due to the ability to migrate application support without the need for special proprietary and high cost patch cords.

Summary of product features:  

- Support for data applications up to 600 MHz and multimedia applications

- 2 in 1 Connector and backward compatible to Cat.6 and Cat.5

- Standardised for Class F in ISO/IEC 11801, 2nd edition and IEC 60603-7-7

- Snap In module with 360° screening, easy to integrate

- Easy to install (no LSA Plus tools needed)

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