Nexans cable solutions: protection and safety at sea

SMM - shipbuilding machinery & marine technology 26 to 29 September in Hamburg, hall 11, stand OG 110

Nexans in Germany presents its diversified range of shipping cables at SMM: instrument, control, telephone, data and coaxial cables ensure a trouble-free flow of information. Diverse low and medium voltage cables, as well as connection solutions secure the energy flow on board. Common to all cables is the use of non-halogen materials with minimal toxicity in the case of fire. Thanks to the high level of fire resistance and flame retardance, power supply and communication are maintained for a long time even in the case of fire and, furthermore, smoke emission is inhibited. Skilful choice of material and a modern cable design enable compact dimensions so that power cables in particular can be laid without taking up too much space. The products designed specifically for use at sea permanently meet high standards with regard to climate and chemical resistance and withstand vibrations. Besides solutions for civil shipping, which correspond to the established standards and requirements of shipping associations, Nexans' range includes cables for military use and assembly in research vessels.

New generator connection cable: more durable than the norm
Particularly in the confinement of the generator connection cable box, the new Nexans three-conductor, rubber-insulated cable displays its advantages because the flexible rubber insulation eases laying. At the same time, the insulating material satisfies by means of its high disruptive strength. On account of the abrasion resistance of rubber, there is no fear of premature deterioration due to vibration of the cables lying on top of one another, thus a protective interlayer is unnecessary. Furthermore, the assembly of the conductor contributes to mobility: its wires ease bending. Possible applications for the highly flexible and compact cable are also to be found elsewhere, where spatial constriction and small bending radius dictate the boundary conditions, for example on the bow thruster.

Novelty at medium voltage: land connection cables with additional benefits
The latest development from Nexans may enable a "zero exhaust gas power supply" at medium voltage in turnaround time: the land connection cable should allow the on-board power supply up to 10 kV and also make the running of the ship's diesel generators unnecessary on large cargo ships or cruise ships. Besides the cable itself, the developers also focus on the plug connection, because the plug and socket are exposed to wind and weather, in particular salty air. At present, Nexans is trying out the new solution in the field, in cooperation with a customer. This prototype features not only three strong, copper conductors for power transportation, as well as two protective conductors, but also a light wave conductor and several control conductors. These communication lines offer a particular additional benefit because they can be used for data transfer or telephoning.

Premiere: medium voltage cables for the German Navy
Nexans meets the particular requirements of Navy use with a special cable range. This includes products which are extremely fail-safe, flame-retardant and which offer a high level of protection against electromagnetic malfunctions. The cables are tested and certified according to various Navy standards and are developed in close cooperation with the customers. An example is the frigate 125, which is to be built towards the end of the decade. Medium voltage cables are to be used here, for the first time in the history of the German Navy. Nexans played a major part in the specification of these cables and has already successfully tested the first samples.

New types of cable according to the Navy Engineering Standard
The approval of a series, which conforms to the traditional, but extremely strict requirements of the British NES (Navy Engineering Standard) is new: parts of this type of cable have an assembly which gives them extreme fire resistance. Thus in the case of fire, important equipment, such as fire alarms and fire extinguishing equipment or communication equipment, can continue to be safely operated over a longer period of time and the crew can safely leave the ship in extreme cases. A vast new British Navy development plan (including two aircraft carriers), for which NES cables are specified, prompted the development of these types of cable. These cables can also be provided to other Navies, which navigate ships of British design, for alteration and repair work.

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