Reduce costs with synthetic matreial-insulated cables

Hanover, 20 April, 2006 – At the Hanover trade fair, Nexans Deutschland Industries will be presenting some samples from its extensive range of energy transmission cables, including a new pipe-type cable with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.

Trade fair premiere: the new 110-kV-XLPE pipe-type cable

During the design of the new 110-kV-XLPE-pipe-type cable, the emphasis was on competitive dimensions and favourable laying costs. Improved materials and manu-facturing processes now allow lower insulation wall thicknesses for high-voltage ca-bles. The outer construction usually consists of a copper wire screen and an aluminium tape, tightly bonded to the PE sheath. The compact design allows the stranding of three complete 110-kV cables with a relatively narrow external diameter. Other ele-ments such as optical fibre cables for data transmission or temperature monitoring can be incorporated into the stranding. Due to the steel flat wire reinforcement, the cable can be laid easily.

In terms of dimensions, the XLPE pipe-type cable can compete with conventional pa-per-insulated version because the abandonment of padding means comparable di-mensions can be achieved. The advantage of the new cable system over the conven-tional paper-insulated type is the higher permissible conductor temperature of the XLPE cable. As a result, a greater transmission capacity is achieved at the same con-ductor size.

In a long-term test for over a year, the operational reliability of the new cable system with all the associated accessories was proved in practice.

Superiority in electrical and mechanical properties

The pipe-type cable can be installed quickly and cost-effectively due to its properties. It is specially designed for installation in existing tubes, including as a replacement for gas pressure cables with paper insulation. In principle, the manufacturing process for XLPE cables and the lower total weight, allows greater manufacturing lengths than were possible in the past with paper-insulated types. This creates potential for replac-ing longer sections of pipeline in a single work step, therefore minimising the costs of underground-engineering work.

First public presentation at the Hanover Trade Fair

Nexans will present the brand new 110-kV pipe-type cable to the public for the first time at the Hanover trade fair. A sample of the pilot production will be available for interested parties to view. Nexans also intend to have an additional exhibit of a 110-kV cable with XLPE insulation and a 1,200 mm² aluminium solid conductor. This cable can be easily produced in lengths up to 1,800 m, thus reducing connection costs. You can find out more about these and other Nexans energy cables at the trade fair from 24 to 28 April in Hall 12 at Stand D06.

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