New Application Centre at Nexans Nuremberg

Investiment heightens creativity in cable factory

Nuremberg, 13 March 2006 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, inaugurated its new automation application centre in Nuremberg in mid-February. The company invested several hundreds of keuros in this facility, where cable and wire are subjected to highly diverse load tests. "The experience we gain on these modern test benches helps us to respond better to customer needs and create better products," says Torsten Sefzig, Business Unit Manager at Nexans Nuremberg. "The test results also enable us to harmonize the technology and economy of our wire solutions in an optimum fashion. We can thus defend and expand our top position in the international competition in the future."

At the inauguration, Pascal Portevin, Nexans Executive Vice President Strategic Operations, took the opportunity to visit the plant in Nuremberg, emphasizing the importance of the location for the globally operating group. The automation application centre  is part of the 'Nexans Research Center' for thermoplastic materials, located in Nuremberg, and is "in this form unique in the group."

The automation application centre, only recently installed, allow for particularly realistic simulation of movements that automation wires have to withstand more than ten million times in practice. To do this, diverse bending, stretching and twisting movements are recreated on a space of 240 square metres, to emulate those of energy feed wires or data wires, for example in the automobile industry, in power stations, electronics production or storage. Not only the electric properties are measured here, the isolation materials are also thoroughly tested. Thermoplastics that insulate individual leads or sheath the cable, for example, have decisive impact on the flexibility and capacity of the wires and their behaviour in extreme climate conditions.

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