From Pioneer Developments to Standard Solutions

Hanover, October 2002 - In July 2001, the contract for the complete cabling of the Horns Rev offshore wind park, located on a sand bank 14 km off the Danish cost near Esbjerg, was awarded Nexans in Germany.   In little more than five months, the project was completed ahead of the contracted target date.  The contract scope not only comprised all cable deliveries, it also included laying, burial and installation of  the total volume of about 63 km of 33 kV submarine cables cut in lengths between 631 and 4,555 m.  Copper cable cross sections varied between 3x95 mm² and 3x400 mm², with individual lengths weighing up to 180 tons.

To cope with the tasks of the first offshore wind park project of this type and scope worldwide, the project team had to meet a variety of challenges. The only way for our installers to reach their individual workplaces at the 70 m high wind turbines was by boat, and they were often exposed to very harsh weather conditions. At times, up to 12 vessels were involved in the cable laying operation.   Providing the right cable  lengths for different water depths at the right time, and coordinating logistics and  building progress with the other parties involved in the project, was  another task successfully mastered by Nexans.

The wind park's annual power production of about 600m kW/h covers the consumption of  150,000 households.  10 rows of 8 wind turbines each are installed over a total area of 27 km². The distance between the individual turbines is 560 m.  At a transformer platform, erected at the  north-eastern end of the area,  the collected energy is transformed  to 150 kV, and transmitted onshore via a 21 km submarine cable before being  fed into the network.

From pioneer developments to standard solutions: With the successful completion of the Horns Rev project, Nexans created an excellent reference  for future projects in a growing,  future-oriented market segment.


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