Nexans lauch LANmark Audit Services for IT Networks

Nexans have launched a range of Audit Services aimed at providing Network Managers with a baseline to make informed investment decisions.

The new services seek to optimise current investment, enabling informed investment decisions to be reached quickly and easily. The service incorporates physical and logical layer analysis enabling Network Managers to identify bottlenecks, avoid downtime, plan efficient implementation of new applications, and prioritise upgrades to match business objectives. 

Network Managers are facing increasingly more difficult decisions when considering network upgrades.  Technologies are converging, applications and users have become more demanding, and with the increase in company relocations and mergers, managers often find themselves inheriting an unknown entity. The task to identify the real bottlenecks so that existing capacity can be optimised and investment prioritised where there is a genuine need, becomes a serious headache.

Nexans solution is a range of new service products sold under the LANmark cabling system brand. Initially two services have been launched: 

·        LANmark Physical Audit

o       delivers a detailed report on the health of the physical infrastructure

·        LANmark Logical Audit

o       delivers a detailed report on the status of the 'logical' layers of the network (equivalent to Layers 2 & 3 of the OSI Model)  

The audit is a four stage process covering:

1.     Planning & Assessment – full understanding of client needs

2.     Data Capture – site evaluation, testing, and monitoring

3.     Analysis – interpretation of the site data

4.     Reporting – final report and documentation to client

The final report will not only contain useful benchmark documentation such as inventory lists and cabinet layout diagrams, but depending on the level selected, will also include bandwidth and traffic analysis, packet loss and errors, and provide utilisation information together with proposed solutions for optimisation.

Alain Geypens, Services Product Manager for Nexans, commented, “Nexans policy has always been one of trying to really understand the customer needs in order to provide the most suitable solution.  However when talking to end users we found that in many cases the biggest headache was actually understanding the real efficiency of the existing network and it’s capacity to support planned expansion. The LANmark audit will solve that problem. By providing users with a comprehensive health check and performance analysis, we can recommend solutions which will not only enable them to make the right investment decisions when planning future upgrades, but will also maximise the efficiency of the existing network performance today. This will have an immediate beneficial impact for the business.” 

The addition of ‘Service Products’ to Nexans extensive portfolio provides a new dimension and direction to the LANmark range. Mike Holmes, UK Marketing Manager commented; “As a supplier we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves with real added value. When considering the addition of audit services we recognised early on that ‘cabling’ was only part of the equation and in order to provide real value, it was important to look at more than just the physical infrastructure. The addition of a ‘logical’ audit necessitated highly specialist expertise and tools and we therefore worked closely with our audit partner, C&C Technologies, to ensure that we deliver a unique service that really does provide valuable benefits for our clients.”

The service will initially be available in UK, Benelux, Sweden & the Middle East.

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