Cable constructions for subscriber access networks

Hannover, March 2002  -  For erection of advanced  cable networks for the subscriber access range system requirements for tomorrow  have to be considered for the cable design in order to avoid  any  new cost intensiv cable laying measure. 

Thus Nexans Deutschland Industries & Co. KG has developed  suitable cable designs  accordingly  in order to insure investment safe generic cabling  considering  the increasing  bandwidth demands and moving numbers of subscribers.

Basically the following cable design groups shall be manufactured:

(  Copper- and copper/OF-hybrid cables for use up to 30 MHz and outdoor applications

(  Copper- and copper/OF-hybrid cables for use up to 100 MHz and outdoor applications

(  Universal cables in copper- and copper/OF-hybrid technique for use up to 30/100 MHz

    for indoor and outdoor applications

With respect to a high life expectancy all new cable constructions offer as   minimum require-ments longitudinal and lateral water-tightness  by employing LAP-moisture barrier sheathing  or corrugated steel tape design regarding an additional reliable rodent protection and special filling of the core spaces.

High quality star quads or pairs  using  copper conductor diameters of 0.6 mm or 0,8 mm are manufactured as a standard programme. Cable constructions to be used up to 100 MHz are normally performed with individual pair screening. The electrical characteristics meet the requirements of international IEC-standards. 

With respect to  turn-key-solutions  for all cable designs the necessary  link components, like jointing sleeves and termination boxes are available. These accessories ensure the continuity of all screening materials for the total transmission link.


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