Innovative accessories for electrical networks

Dortmund/Hof, April 16, 2007 – Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH is specialised in accessories for electrical connection and cabling technology. The Dortmund and Hof-based companies are known to many industry experts under their former names of Euromold and GPH. At the Hannover Messe (April 16 to April 20; hall 12, stand D06), both will be displaying a selection of their product range, for example the new M70-240 mechanical connector for medium and LV cable conductors and the SE 25150 for connecting LV cables. The ASKO cordless power driver with its automatic switch-off facility, depending on the number of impacts, is suitable for assembling the GPH mechanical connectors and mechanical cable lugs. The Dortmund branch of the company will be exhibiting as innovations the new TS-24HTJ-2 cold-shrinkable transition cable joint for medium voltage and the especially compact 300PB-SA surge arrester for 10-20 kV systems, including the accompanying T-connector.

The SE 25150 and M70-240 mechanical connectors
The mechanical connectors from Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH in Hof are designed for the efficient and cost-effective connection of identical or different conductor cross sections and conductor materials. They are available for 1 to 36 kV and have – depending on the application – removable shearoff bolts and bolts with multiple shear levels. The bolt head shears off at a defined torque, so that an optimum connection is achieved even without using a torque wrench. However, loosening the bolts by LV connectors is possible as they are fitted with an appropriately designed hexagon socket.

The SE 25150 mechanical connector is intended for LV cables with cross sections of 25 to 150 mm². With an outside diameter of 26.5 mm, it is extremely compact, as the shape of the conductor channel was adapted exactly to suit the largest sector conductor (150 mm² Al se). The core-shaped teeth can penetrate deep into single-wire conductors, which permits a particularly small transition resistance. Shear-off bolts guarantee that the contact force does not rely on subjective influence of the installer. Optimum tightening of the bolts is provided without the use of a torque wrench.

The M70-240 mechanical connector is designed for medium and LV cable conductors. It can be used to connect round and sector-shaped, single or multiple wire copper and aluminium conductors with cross sections of between 70 and 240 mm². Sector-shaped conductors can thus be fitted in their original condition without any prior circular pressing. The GPH bolt principle is also used with the aluminium alloy multiple shear bolts used for these connectors: the largest conductor cross section is fitted with the largest torque; smaller conductor cross sections are loaded with less force.

The ASKO cordless power driver
The most important advantage of the ASKO cordless power driver is that the force for counterholding the connector is so small as to be negligible. This makes assembly without a counterholder possible. The ASKO cordless power driver also has a practical automatic cut-off mechanism which allows the desired number of impacts to be preset. This cut-off mechanism can be used to tell the fitter to fit the bolts reciprocally. The capacity of the ASKO is impressive: the device provides a tightening torque of up to 150 Nm. Tests carried out by the company at different tightening torques and on various connectors have proved the suitability of the tool for use with GPH mechanical connectors and mechanical cable lugs. The power driver can be ordered from Nexans Power Accessories Germany as a complete set incl. plastic box, additional battery and impact wrench key inserts. The company also offers maintenance and servicing.

The 300PB-SA surge arrester and compact T-connector
At the Hannover Messe, Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH from Dortmund is launching its 300PB-SA surge arrester on the market. This product is used to protect systems and devices in the 10 – 20 kV voltage range from lightning strikes and switching impulses. Together with the 430TB-630A T-connector, which is also new, it forms a particularly compact unit and can also be used without any problems in small switchgear units.

The TS-24HTJ-2 cable joint brings paper and XLPE cables together
The TS-24HTJ-2 cold-shrinkable transitional cable joint was developed for connecting paper-insulated H-cables to XLPE-insulated synthetic cables at 12.7/22 kV (Um 24 kV). The cable joint has all the important features in order to guarantee a high level of effectiveness and material protection on the delicate paper side as well. For example, the dielectric of the paper cable is not put under any thermal stress by the cold shrinking and thus prevents the paper from drying out. A vapour screen which surrounds the entire cable joint area prevents humidity diffusing the paper insulation. Simply by removing the support tube, the body of the cable joint settles homogeneously and with no openings around the connection point. Thanks to the parts prefabricated in the factory, assembly outlay is reduced and assembly faults minimised. The TS-24HTJ-2 cable joint has been type tested in accordance with CENELEC HD 628 and HD 629.2.

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