ALSECURE® - Fire safety starts with cables

Fire Safety starts with cables



Nexans is actively campaigning for improved safety in buildings to protect people’s lives and property and offers a wide range of fire safety cables under the brand name ALSECURE®. Moreover, in addition to ensuring safety, Nexans ALSECURE® cables are also sustainable. At the end of life of the cable, all plastic components of ALSECURE® cables can be transformed into energy without hazardous emissions, reducing the pollution of the environment.

Safety is a major concern in Europe. The European Commission created a specific Regulation to align the classification of construction products: the Construction Product Regulation (CPR). The CPR will soon come into effect, impacting cables as well, but safety can’t wait.

Do you have questions about standards and regulations or the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)?

Please contact us or ask for our revised brochure "ALSECURE® - Improve safety within buildings". 

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