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Our mission as Nexans Hanover

Ralf Egerer
“ We as the Nexans team in Hanover will be committed to supporting our customer and the Nexans Group in their ambitions for sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions with our innovations,
products and services.

Our goal is also to strengthen the attractiveness and innovative power of the Hanover region. ”
Ralf Egerer

Nexans is driven by a core commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We prioritize environmental responsibility, reduce carbon emissions, and promote ethical supply chains.

Nexans is renowned for pioneering technologies, from renewable energy cables to high-speed data transmission solutions. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction builds enduring partnerships.

We are dedicated to shaping a brighter and more connected future through sustainability, innovation, and excellence.

“ Tomorrow's world must be thought, defined and imagined by now, at all levels and embracing all challenges we have to face. A new world for a new Nexans: we are ready for it. ”

Christopher Guérin

Nexans CEO

Following the discontinuation of cable production in 2019, our high-tech business units will experience significant growth under a single roof.

This expansion will be home to over 70 experts as well as central functions of the German organization in a newly constructed building from summer 2024!

Our primary focus remains on innovation, and we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge products, services, and support.

Through these efforts, we aim to assist our customers in their pursuit of sustainability.

At our location in Hanover we have the following main activities

Machines & Automation

Experience cutting-edge forming and welding machines with high level know how on laser welding applications.

Focus: Machines for cable manufacturing and tube processing and medical industry


  • Fiber optic cables up to 100 km long
  • First Green Laser Application in Europe for cable manufacturing


Cryogenic Systems

Our cryogenic competence for LH2, connecting the systems of the upcoming global LH2 supply chain!

Focus: LNG and LH2  as well as cryogenic envelopes for superconducting applications


  • First cryogenic envelope for superconducting cable in 1971
  • First cryogenic system for ship to shore LH2 loading system

For more information please click here(↪).


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Power Transmission

Connection of offshore wind farms to the main power supply in the onshore high-voltage grid

Focus: Global power grid provider and power generating companies


  • Connecting @525 KV DC one of the largest offshore wind parks in Europe to the German power grid till 2023


For more information please click here(↪).


Unleash the power of superconducting cables and systems for high-power energy transmission, paving the way for a greener future!

Focus: Sub-urban power grids, public transportation and power grid connections


  • First and longest supra-cable in sub-urban power grid in Europe
  • First high-power energy transmission  between two power grids in USA

More about superconducting cables here(↪).


As an integral part of Nexans, we are committed to act for a sustainable future and contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030. We strive to find the most sustainable solutions for our partners and customers, focusing on optimizing material, energy, and area usage, as well as enhancing quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

To accomplish this, we leverage our extensive background knowledge of products and industrialized solutions. 

Together, we are committed to acting sustainably!

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