Nexans innovative MOTIONLINE® Servo Motor Premium 90° Cables take the heat in demanding applications

Nov 24, 2020

Paris, November 24, 2020 – Nexans has extended its well established Motionline® range of automation cables with a new design that ensures total reliability and long life in the harsh environments and higher temperatures that are a growing challenge in industrial installations. The Motionline® servo motor Premium 90° cables are capable of continuous long term operation at temperatures up to 90°C, while offering the same dynamic performance and dimensions as standard cables. They are ideally suited to fast-moving automation applications such as drag chains and machine tools.

More diverse industries are robotizing operations and high-performance cables continue to play a major role in this evolution. To support this evolution, Nexans offers a wide range of cable products for robotics and automation that conform to all major international safety standards.

The need for the higher temperature rating results from a number of factors that occur in modern factories. First, there is the trend to replace metal connectors with smaller, over-molded plastic connectors that have poorer heat transmission. Second, connectors and cables are being installed closer together, increasing the amount of heat generated within an often-confined space. Furthermore, the increased, fast-changing frequency and voltage in the cables puts the insulation material under a continuous high stress.

The challenge for Nexans was to develop an automation cable that could withstand continuous operation at 90°C without increasing its dimensions or impacting its mechanical properties and especially dynamic performance – the capability to survive millions of bending cycles at high acceleration rates without failure. Following an extensive R&D and testing program, the answer was found by using an improved polyolefin-based insulation compound.

The Motionline® Servo motor Premium 90° cables are rated for applications up to 1000 V and are available with or without a signal pair with cross sections up to 50 mm². They are UL approved, flame retardant (IEC 60332-1-2, UL Cable Flame, CSA, FT1), oil resistant (EN 50363-10-2 , EN 60811-2-1), silicon and PVC free and conform to Reach RoHS-II and CE.

“ Standard automation cables rated for 80C have served the automation industry well. But new generation applications require a higher temperature rating to provide a wider safety margin. Otherwise there is an increased risk of breakdowns that can result in costly losses in productivity. That was one driver for the development of our Motionline® Servo motor Premium 90 cables that provide our automation customers cables with enhanced reliability ”

Andreas Rietz

Nexans Global Product Manager Automation

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