Market drivers

In search of cost-cutting innovations, supply chain excellence and local presence

Energy transition is a pathway towards transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon by the second half of this century (Source: IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency). While a global energy transition is underway, further action is needed to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

However renewables offer hope for the future. Offshore wind, for example, remains one of the world’s fastest growing industries, partly due to its continuing innovation. Efficiency has improved dramatically, with both onshore and offshore wind costs dropping by over 50 percent over the past five years. Wind power, coupled with increased electrification, could deliver one-quarter of the annual CO2 global reduction needed by 2050 (Source: IRENA - Future of Wind).

Although wind turbine manufacturing growth has accordingly been in double-digit figures recently, it has now slowed in Europe. Yet long-term perspectives remain positive, driven by China and emerging markets. Additionally, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa are still experiencing strong growth in wind power, while India, the UK and France have untapped potential.

Turbine builders’ challenges and expectations

While the opportunities are huge, the risks are too. Uncertainty and structural overcapacities have led to aggressive pricing and competition. Wind turbines costs have continued to fall, driving major OEMs to find new ways to design-to-cost, improve processes, and optimise their drive trains and generators.

There are also technical challenges; wind turbines are becoming larger to improve energy capture, while towers are increasing in height to tap into stronger, more consistent airflows, so reducing intermittency. As manufacturers accommodate these evolutionary developments, they must also achieve high reliability standards, while optimising costs of operation and transportation to sites, including those offshore.

All this requires innovation on new materials, lightweight cables, better connectivity and plug-and-play solutions at the lowest maintenance costs. In an environment where time-to-market is key, and cycles are accelerated, market leaders expect co-engineering, sound technical advice, pre-testing and easy-to-install product solutions, from business partners ready to take more value chain responsibility. The overall goal is to reduce supply chain complexity, through vertical integration, modularization, and higher standardization, so maintaining strong quality standards and local presence.


Complete and customized cable solutions and services for wind turbines, worldwide

Nexans’ energy transition role

Nexans’ involvement with renewable energy dates back to the early twentieth century, when we connected Europe’s first hydroelectric plants. Now, our cable product, design and support solutions are helping the industry to achieve competitive energy transition and electrification installations. We call this offering WINDLINK®, to reflect its role in providing a seamless power delivery path from turbine to grid.

With WINDLINK®, your cable engineering effort becomes simply a single order to one supplier. We deliver not just cables and components, but fully-engineered cabling solutions that link the turbine terminals to the grid connection on the ground – backed by end-to-end support extending from initial concept discussions to installation end of life.

This means that you gain competitive advantage for your next wind turbine project by reducing time-to-market, cutting costs, and establishing a safe, efficient, and reliable supply chain.

Reduced time-to-market

Our sound expertise in electrical subsystems, and understanding of wind turbine project technical needs “together with innovative processes like resident engineering at customer” allows faster development, qualification and manufacturing cycles.

Our integrated cable solutions comprise pre-cut, ready-terminated cables and all accessories, allowing for easy assembly and installation with low failure rates and exceptional durability.


  • We produce every cable in the nacelle, tower, and base; not only for power transmission, but also data cables for sensors, controllers, Fieldbus, Profibus, and optical fibre. We also manufacture active equipment for diverse applications like monitoring, IP telephony, surveillance and others.
  • Our benefits include innovation as well as integration, with light, flexible cables that can handle torque, temperature, oil, heat, and vibration.
  • We reduce costs with cables that are 40 percent lighter yet just as strong.

Cost-competitive solutions

WINDLINK® Complete and customized cable solutions and services for wind turbines, worldwide
  • We use a TCO* (Total Cost of Ownership) approach to reduce Levelised Cost of Energy.
  • Our productivity pipeline management offer is based on engineering design optimisation, standardisation and modularisation.
  • Our One Stop Shop facility reduces your sourcing and operational costs - which are further reduced by our lean manufacturing processes.

Safe and reliable supply chain

  • We are a global group with local businesses in every key locality.
  • We have set up standardised industrial processes across regions and plants, backed by full product portfolio availability.
  • We fulfil deliveries using advanced logistics services with vertically integrated set-up to guarantee supply chain continuity and flexibility.
  • We follow this up with implementation assistance and joint production planning, invoking robust quality management following APQP* 4 wind (Advanced Product Quality Planning) requirements, and after-sales support.

A proven partner

Nexans has a proven reputation for cable reliability and technical expertise, with substantial production capacity worldwide. High-quality cables and components keep wind parks operating, avoiding power losses and costly shutdowns. That’s why we offer reliability, confidence and security based on our wide experience in parallel fields, like automation, offshore installations and grid connection solutions.

We are a key player and strategic partner in wind energy.

We are powering the world’s energy transition to a more connected and sustainable future.

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